Culinary Arts Schools in South Dakota

The state of South Dakota is heavily bombarded with tourists both foreign and local. South Dakota is thriving with great food and hospitality service that no wonder why many people come to the place to relax and enjoy the scenery. But for those of you who are thinking of starting a new career then look no further than enrolling to the many culinary schools in South Dakota.

South Dakota is home to many fine culinary schools for students to take part. In order to enroll you need to follow some basic requirements:

  • High School transcript or GED Scores
  • Application form
  • MTI Birth certificate

One of the famous culinary classes South Dakota is that of the Mitchell Technical Institute located at Mitchell. The school has its own culinary academy tailored to teach students the fine art of cooking. Students can enroll for a 4 year course in the program that will teach them in the various fields of culinary expertise.

Upon completion, students can apply food safety and sanitation, identify various culinary terminology, demonstrate culinary knowledge and apply leadership skills needed in the field.

Other famous cooking schools South Dakota has to offer is that Black Hills State University. The university offers a wide variety of specializations when it comes to Tourism and Hospitality degree. Students who specialize in Management will get a chance to work in hotels and tourism fields. Black Hills State University is a career-driven school that helps students land a good stable job once they graduate in the field.

Students can learn:

  • Baking and Pastry
  • Food Sanitation
  • Restaurant Management
  • Hospitality

Once a student finish their degree or culinary programs they can now apply in restaurants and even private dining setting.

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