Culinary Arts Schools in North Carolina

If your planning on a career change then why don’t you try your luck on having a culinary career? They say that culinary schools in North Carolina are one of the best in the state. North Carolina will surprise you as the state also houses the most diversity in culinary careers that you can choose from. But before you start off your career as a professional chef you need to follow some requirements to enroll in the school of your choice.

Courses Training Requirements

  • At least 18 years old.
  • Complete High School or has attained equivalent G.E.D

Culinary schools in North Carolina such as the Johnson and Wales University located at 01 West Trade Street is home to well respected degrees and program not just in the culinary field. The university is a great place to start off getting your degree in culinary. Students can enroll in 2-year programs or start getting their Bachelors degree with a 4-year course.

There is also the International Culinary Schools at the Art Institute of Charlotte, which houses over 30 culinary programs that is designed in association with The Food Network. Cooking classes North Carolina such as those offered in the Art Institute is top notched and world class. The program is designed to put professionally driven students into good chefs with good careers in the future.

Programs include but not limited:

  1. Bachelors Culinary Arts Management
  2. Associates Culinary Arts
  3. Bachelors in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  4. Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Students who successfully completes their culinary program will never have to worry as North Carolina has many jobs to offer. With a thriving economy and bustling food industry, North Carolina will be the perfect place to start a wonderful career.

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